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Drawbridge supplements what you know about your customers, so you can make better decisions at critical moments, like credit card transactions and user validation.

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Implicit Data

A deeper understanding of who your customers are can strengthen your ability to validate during vulnerable moments like account creation, site or app login, and credit card transactions. By combining your own explicit data with implicit data from Drawbridge, you’ll be better positioned to know what’s real, and what’s not.

Fraud & Risk Detection

Transaction Authorization

Fraudulent transactions are harmful to both bottom lines and brand favorability. Drawbridge Identity helps you determine if transactions are authentic, so your customers can rest easy knowing you have their backs.

Bot Detection

Struggling with fake accounts on your platform? Drawbridge Identity with MultiFocus helps you separate the good guys from the bad by giving you the tools to understand who’s likely to be a real person – and who isn’t.

Stop the bad guys in their tracks,
with Drawbridge.