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You've got RichQuery API.

Our API lets you query the Drawbridge Identity Graph in
real time, delivering raw and aggregated customer insights.

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Advanced Targeting

People-Based Targeting

Deliver ideal experiences and messages across all channels, to all customers, the moment you see them.

Cross-device attribution

Cross-Device Attribution

Identify and measure actions across devices and channels to understand what's driving conversions, and quickly optimize campaigns based on results.

Site personalization

Site Personalization

Know who’s visiting your desktop and mobile properties, then serve up personalized product and content recommendations.

Validation and authentication

Validation & Authentication

Leverage identity to detect fraud and mitigate risk. This is how you win at security.

RichQuery API in Action

Recently a major publisher turned to Drawbridge to help improve real-time recommendations for site visitors on their mobile app, desktop site, and mobile site, based on previous behavior.

Today this publisher takes advantage of the RichQuery API to query the Drawbridge Identity Graph on demand in order to connect unknown visitors across devices and optimize content in real time.

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