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Maximum Audience Extension

Got first-party data centralized around a single identifier type, like mobile IDs or cookies? Connect your DMP to the Drawbridge Identity Platform, then maximize the reach of your campaign across desktop, mobile, and connected TVs — with an average amplification rate of 3x.

Advanced Targeting

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Drawbridge gives you the data you need, across all known devices, so you can deliver successful and efficient DCO campaigns at scale.

Universal Frequency Management

If you’re not careful, you’re going to over-expose your audience to ads, which wastes money and causes burnout. Drawbridge gives you the ability not only to sync audiences and amplify reach, but better understand exposure and set universal frequency caps.

Holistic Attribution

Multi-Touch Attribution

Leverage the Drawbridge Identity Graph to learn which devices drive conversions, inform your own attribution models, and better understand the value of your media.

Online-to-Offline Attribution

Unless you connect online campaign activity with offline foot traffic and sales, you’re flying blind – and way more likely to miss the conversion window. The Drawbridge Identity Graph completes the picture so you can understand the customer journey from beginning to end.

Got customer blindspots?
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