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Introducing the first platform to deliver rich identity at scale —across marketing, customer experience, and security.

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How it works.


1. Integration

Connect your online, offline, or proprietary data from your system of record.

Extensions and insights

2. Extension & Insights

Enhance your data using the Drawbridge Identity Graph, and understand your customers on a deeper level.


3. Delivery

Activate extended data on your adtech platform, martech platform, or proprietary system of your choice.

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406, 269, 173Connected Consumers
4, 763, 733, 585Identifiers

The industry-leading graph. Now your plaything.

Only Drawbridge’s graph is fully customizable, so you can 
fine-tune for scale, precision, and even format.

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From data to people. With SmartLook Insights.

Our Identity Platform serves up advanced customer insights, device-level insights, and metadata — all powering greater visibility into the customer journey.

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